Professionals and Apprentices

The intention of Professional Mentoring is to support mentees to become competent and self-aware teachers and facilitators.

Mentoring can support you with learning about appropriate boundaries, validating your achievements, how to deal with issues that arise. I am supporting you to get a handle on practical concerns, and how to learn from your mistakes.


I am a qualified Movement Medicine teacher and followed all modules of Continued Professional Training at the school of Movement Medicine including most Online Courses and the Apprenticeship Leader Program. 

I accompany you from my path as Professional of teaching since 2013 – Graduated in 2016. I am based in Basel, Switzerland. I am a trained physiotherapist, yoga teacher and coach/mentor. My understanding of the body supports my work and guidance in the dance as well as in individual sessions and rituals I hold. A long training of the mind and heart in buddhist meditation practice deepens my ability to hold space with compassion. 

I am holding a steady and safe space for you, anchored in stillness. I am welcoming you and me as humans on this path with love, embracing challenges with acceptance and growing with intention.

Book your session

Mentoring – Supervision sessions last for 55 minutes over Zoom. 

Please share important questions & topics first. 
Cost € 75 per session. 
24 hour cancellation notice for the mentoring session. 
If you drop out closer to the time you will have to pay for the session unless I can book another client for our time.

Calendly coming soon. Please contact through the form below!

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